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I'm finding ways to photograph safely in these times. I am taking on less projects so I have minimal contact between sessions. I am fully vaccinated and proceeding cautiously. At this time I am only taking photos of humans that are fully vaccinated (little ones excluded of course).


I have one family offering at this time which is my ALL INCLUSIVE Home or Public Outdoor area session. 1.5-2 hours of shooting. All photos are artfully and emotionally edited, color corrected and highly curated. ALL downloads are yours, uploaded to a Pic-Time Gallery.

 Price is $795.


Please follow me @erickakreutzphotos on Instagram for offerings or sign up to my mailing list. I have amazing offerings coming up soon! Prices vary by time and location.


You should have been here watching us watching the video. We both cried. The video and the music really touched our hearts. After all the s*** we've been through to move here, watching what we've built together is a gift. Arnau was telling me "Thank god you made me do this." It's incredible. You captured my family beyond what I imagined. I'm so glad I found you and hired you for this. The moments are precious and the way you retouched brought up a lot of warmth and love.


- Alícia -

  • What is a documentary family shoot?
    I come to your home or meet you at a park or beach or location of your choice. And really, you just be you. I will direct a tiny bit, but you will be doing what you do at home or on a family play date, and I am there to capture whatever happens. There is such beauty and love and nuance in every day moments.
  • My husband thinks he takes better pictures of our kids and we don’t need to hire a photographer.
    Your husband is correct! No one needs to hire a photographer (like no one needs Netflix), especially in this day when we all have cameras in our back pockets. But I am after something a little deeper, something a little more nuanced. And I want Dad in the pictures too! We’ll go beyond the “cute kid” picture and capture the energy and dynamic of your family, and the love that you share.
  • What do I wear??
    Whatever you want! Be super comfortable, be you. But, as a mom of boys, I do know that I would rather not have 300 photos of that ripped Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt, so here are some suggestions that look a little better through my lens. Colors look better than whites or blacks. Layers always look good. Basics look better than wild prints. Stay clear of little tiny polka dots. If you have babies an extra outfit or two tucked away is smart in case of spit-ups.
  • What if my kid insists on wearing the ripped ninja shirt?
    So, he wears it. But maybe you can convince him to put a vest on for half the photos. And this goes for pajamas or if they need to hold a stuffed animal or doll, too. It’s an anything goes situation. It’s better that they feel comfortable and who they are than to try and make them look “perfect.” I made my child wear an adorable preppy little outfit for school pictures at his preschool, much to his dismay. And you know what I think of every time I see that photo? “This is not who he is…” So now I let my kids wear what they want. Because I want them to express themselves. And be authentic. And when they are 35, I’ll frame that picture in the ninja shirt and think: “Remember when…?”
  • When will I get my photos?
    You’ll get an entire edited gallery of your print resolution photos in about three weeks. I take extra time and care with my photos to make sure you have the story of your shoot. From there you can share, download, and print.
  • Outside or In?
    There are benefits to both. We can talk about your family dynamic and figure out the best location. Sometimes that dynamic is best seen in your home making pancakes and sometimes (if your kids are anything like mine) it is running around in a park.
  • How do I pay you?
    Check or Venmo. Payment in full on day of shoot.
  • How long is a shoot?
    The shoot is 1-2 hours depending on moods. Usually children will tell you in their own way when we are done. I leave enough space so no one is rushed and everyone can get comfortable.
  • What if I have to cancel my appointment?
    Ah, that’s a bummer. But it happens. People get sick. People have to fly out of town. Life happens. I will do my best to reschedule.
  • I’m a Realtor, entrepreneur, educator, therapist or other professional and would also like some photos I can use for my job. Can I have those taken during our family shoots as well?"
    Short answer is yes! Let’s do it all! Unless it gets crazy or we run out of time. We can talk about adding that to your session.
  • I want to do a portrait session with you. I am retooling my website. I am re-branding. I want the coolest most authentic empowering photos.
    Let’s talk! Everyone is different and unique, and we will come together to find the perfect space and timing to make it all happen.
  • Do you do events? Kid parties? Engagement sessions? Weddings? Etc?
    Yes! Let’s talk! Let’s celebrate!
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