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I'm finding ways to photograph safely in these times. I am taking on less projects so I have minimal contact between sessions. I am fully vaccinated and proceeding cautiously. At this time I am only taking photos of humans that are fully vaccinated (little ones excluded of course).


I have one family offering at this time which is my ALL INCLUSIVE Home or Public Outdoor area session. 1.5-2 hours of shooting. All photos are artfully and emotionally edited, color corrected and highly curated. ALL downloads are yours, uploaded to a Pic-Time Gallery.

 Price is $795.


Please follow me @erickakreutzphotos on Instagram for offerings or sign up to my mailing list. I have amazing offerings coming up soon! Prices vary by time and location.


You should have been here watching us watching the video. We both cried. The video and the music really touched our hearts. After all the s*** we've been through to move here, watching what we've built together is a gift. Arnau was telling me "Thank god you made me do this." It's incredible. You captured my family beyond what I imagined. I'm so glad I found you and hired you for this. The moments are precious and the way you retouched brought up a lot of warmth and love.


- Alícia -

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